Your architect or landscape designer might have already finalised your plans. If not, we can provide a comprehensive design service.

We are happy to construct your deck with plans supplied. If you have no plan, or are unsure about design, our design process involves a site meeting and discussion with you to determine the performance requirements of your finished deck.

We will provide you with working drawings which we can refine if necessary until we achieve the perfect design for you. The accurate to-scale drawings enable you to see the finished deck in its setting. You will receive a comprehensive quote with a full list of materials and specifications.


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Alfresco Decks was established in 2002. You will benefit from over 25 years of deck building experience and receive really good practical advice about what will work best for you. Decks often require steps down to the ground, handrails, seating and sometimes shade options such as a pergola. We know what works and what doesn’t.