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Supply chain issues and

how you get around it

On the job

You will no doubt be hearing about the supply chain issues around building materials at the moment. This is very real. As a deck builder, I can come up against problems sourcing the materials required to construct a deck. This includes the availability of framing timber and the hardwood decking. It also means that prices on all construction related materials are in a constant state of flux. Now, on top of all this is the increase in fuel prices which will have a flow-on effect in the pricing of construction related materials.

This supply issue can be mitigated by good forward planning and advance ordering off my suppliers. It would be sensible if considering your future deck project, to get in as early as you can. Prices are never going to be cheaper than they are now. Through advance ordering, I can make sure that your materials are available in a timely fashion. Pricing is reasonably stable, but seems to see increases every 3-4 months, often in the region of 10-15 per cent.

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