Finishing and Refurbishment

We provide a comprehensive finishing and refurbishment service for new and existing clients. If you want an oiled finish for your deck, we use natural plant-based oils. We also restore older and neglected decks to an almost new condition.


Hardwood timbers are a natural and organic product. You can either let your new deck weather slowly to a soft silver-grey colour, or you can apply a tinted oil product to retain the rich colour tones of the new timbers.

We use and recommend natural plant-based oils from Natural House

These oils penetrate deep into the wood cells to nourish and protect from within. Oiling your deck can offer protection from the extreme NZ weather conditions, prolonging the life of your new deck. There are a range of colours and the highest quality tints are imported from Europe.

Nothing looks nicer than a beautifully oiled hardwood deck. The oiling process is easy, or if you would like us to do this work, we can provide the oil and apply if for you. Full advice can be provided as well as an annual maintenance service.


Hardwood decking timbers are a natural product and require no further treatment other than to be kept clean. Your deck can over time attract moss, black mould and even lichen, all of which occur naturally. Fine dust can settle in the grains of the timbers making the deck slippery when wet. We also restore your deck timbers to an almost new condition with a safe and natural product from Natural House.

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You will be astounded with the results we can achieve. Once cleaned and looking fresh again, the deck can be oiled or left to go silver-grey for a low maintenance approach.